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Simply Be – Face to Face

In order to “Simply Be” it’s essential to stand back, reflect and let go. We so often think that we have turned that page, moved on from that chapter but in fact somewhere along the line we either missed the full stop or chose to ignore it! Talking to friends and “off loading” often means that what we hear is what we want to hear but is it frank? Is it real? Can we move on? What is really stopping you from letting go, finding that extra hour or simply being just you?


Kylee, offers you the opportunity to stand back and reflect on your actual life path – the here and the now, the present. By looking at the present and being proactive you can shape the future and take a step towards being the best you can be and giving things the best you can.

Kylee has worked intuitively for over 12 years. Her one on one session with you will focus on a reading using oracle / tarot decks. By the end of the session, you will hopefully have a greater understanding of your current life path and its intricacies and how best to maintain and nourish it or alternatively influence it in order to bring about positive change. Kylee is not a fortune teller, doctor or bank manager!

Her readings can either be face to face in the studio in Luc sur Orbieu or alternatively over the Internet using either Skype or Facebook Messenger Video. Each reading lasts approximately 30 – 40 minutes. Kylee reads in either French or English. You are welcome and encouraged to keep a photo snapshot of the cards.

Current fee: 20€

To book a Face to Face appointment…. contact Kylee

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