Ask…..1 question reading

A one question “distance” reading – 20€

Have something on your mind? A question you have been mulling over and don’t know who to share it with? Scared of speaking out aloud? Maybe you want to pursue something but don’t quite know where to start? Or simply you want some guidance to help you move forward….. so just ASK

The “ASK” reading is perfect for those questions that keep coming up, or those moments where you’re feeling stuck. It will not  predict the future, but it will inspire and guide you down the path you want to pursue.


  1. My written interpretation (English only) of a bespoke 5 card intuitively created tarot and oracle spread (I will use at least 2 different decks)
  2. A  photo of your spread.
  3. A PDF e-mailed format signed & dated.


When purchasing a reading, you are agreeing to and acknowledging the following:

  1.  I am not a  legal, medical, or financial consultant. As a result I will not answer questions of a legal, medical, financial, or highly-sensitive (ex. family planning) nature. If you are unsure about your question, please contact me first. Once you have paid your question can’t be changed.
  2. I will acknowledge your payment & question within 24 hours however the actual pdf reading which will be e-mailed to the address you provide will take between 3 – 4 days.
  3. I do not consider myself psychic, or a medium, and will not answer predictive questions (ex. Lotto numbers, lifespan predictions, or time-based predictions)
  4.  I am not responsible for any consequences that may occur after the reading. You are welcome to share your reading with whoever you want. Your reading will however remain confidential to me and I will not share any part of it to any third party.
  5. I do not offer refunds on completed readings. Refunds will only be issued on readings that cannot be completed due to inappropriate subject matter (See No.1) or lack of availability to perform a reading. I reserve the right to turn down a reading if I feel it is unethical / inappropriate.
  6. Payment is via Paypal. To place an order for an “ASK” reading please complete the form here. Once I receive the form and information I will contact you for payment via paypal. The price is 20€ per question.


To place your order complete the following contact form with your question. Please include the word “ASK” in the subject lines




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