Valentine – can I cut your tie up?

This is a unique opportunity to have a tie that you actually own transformed into a bow-tie and sent back to you.

Recipe for a unique gift for Him….
1. discretely take one of ties
2. send it to me with the correct payment and a return address
3. allow me to transform it into a bow-tie
4. wait for it to come back to you

#uniqueidea! #surprisehim #dareyou!

Please note that the photos are ideas of ties already transformed and are therefore not contractual.
The tie must be clean and in a very good condition.

Please allow sufficient shipping time – if the tie is very special please consider paying for extra tracking. I will message you as soon as the tie arrives.
You are responsible for shipping to France.
Transformation time is approximately 3 working days – due to demand!
Return shipping time is per La Poste – France. Tracking information is always provided

1 tie = 1 bow-tie. Finished bow ties fit up to 19″ necks. Tied and secured on adjustable metal sliding fasteners If you require a longer length please supply length required with your tie.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Once you have paid you will need to ship the tie as quickly as possible to me. Please ensure you include a return shipping address and any additional measurements.

Find more information here on ETSY.

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