Gemstone wraps – bespoke service

Bespoke designs to accompany you on your current life path. Wearing certain types of gemstones can help address imbalances and provide emotional support to various states of mind. Not only does the jewellery look pretty but the value is even greater if you know that what you are wearing is having a positive impact on your daily life.

Kylee offers you the opportunity to discuss your current life path and explore together appropriate gemstones to wear.

Whilst there are many different ways to wear gemstones, the wraps allow for a double option either as a multi-wrap bracelet or as a necklace.

Kylee has established connections in northern Europe, China and India and buys her gemstones with confidence. All designs are finished with 925 sterling silver.

Once your gemstone wrap is complete Kylee will also explain the importance of regular cleansing and charging to ensure that what you wear is always providing the upmost support.

To book a free consultation contact Kylee.
Gemstone wraps are priced according to the stones required and the number of wraps. Prices range from 20€ upwards.


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